Company Formation and Business Management Service


At Hoteland Legal Services, we understand that creating and managing companies can be a complicated and challenging process, especially for non-residents opening their first company in Mallorca or Spain. That's why we offer a wide range of personalized services to guide entrepreneurs and business owners on the path to success. Our services in this area encompass the following:


  • Selection of the Appropriate Legal Structure and Company Formation: We provide advice on choosing the legal form that best suits our clients' needs and expectations, and we take care of all the necessary procedures for the company's formation.


  • Compliance with Legal, Tax, and Accounting Obligations: We ensure that companies comply with their legal, tax, and accounting obligations, including filing tax returns, maintaining accounting records, and managing relationships with competent authorities.


  • Business Conflict Management and Litigation Resolution: We represent companies in resolving conflicts and litigation, including conflicts between partners, labor claims, and contractual disputes, always seeking the most efficient and effective solution.


  • Advice on Restructuring Processes, Mergers, and Acquisitions: We provide support in planning and executing restructuring processes, mergers, and acquisitions, including negotiating with creditors, obtaining additional financing, and ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.


  • Advice on International Expansion and Foreign Trade: We help companies explore and take advantage of growth opportunities internationally, offering advice on foreign trade, foreign investment, and compliance with international regulations.


  • Advice on Hiring and Labor Relations: We offer guidance in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating commercial and labor contracts, ensuring that they comply with applicable laws and regulations and protect the interests of the company and its employees.