Family Office and Wealth Management Services


Our law firm in Mallorca understands the complexity and importance of addressing the specific needs of families with significant wealth. Therefore, we offer comprehensive and personalized legal services in the field of Family Office, focusing on ensuring the protection, preservation, and growth of family wealth across generations. Our services in this area include:


  • Estate Planning and Legal Strategies: We provide advice on the development of robust estate plans, considering aspects such as succession, asset structuring, and tax strategies, to ensure efficient management of wealth and its transfer to future generations.


  • Legal Services in Asset Management: We offer legal support in managing family asset portfolios, such as real estate properties, financial investments, and business holdings, to ensure their protection and maximize their value.


  • National and International Tax Advisory: We ensure that families comply with their tax obligations and, at the same time, take advantage of legal opportunities to optimize their tax burden both nationally and internationally.


  • Legal Services in Family Governance and Conflict Resolution: We help establish and strengthen family governance systems, ensuring effective communication, informed decision-making, and conflict resolution among family members.


  • Legal Advice on Philanthropic Initiatives and Social Responsibility: We provide legal support in creating and managing philanthropic and social responsibility projects, including the creation of foundations and the implementation of initiatives with social and environmental impact.


  • Coordination with Other Professionals and Services: Our Family Office expert team works in coordination with other professionals and services, such as wealth managers, private bankers, auditors, and tax advisors, ensuring comprehensive, independent, and consistent management of family wealth.


Our comprehensive legal services in the field of Family Office provide families with the peace of mind of knowing that their wealth interests are protected and managed efficiently, allowing them to focus on their personal and family goals.