Golden Visa Consultation and Assistance Services


The Golden Visa is a program that allows non-EU investors to obtain temporary or permanent residency in Spain through a significant investment in real estate, financial assets, or other areas of interest. Our law firm in Mallorca offers advice and assistance in obtaining the Golden Visa for our clients. Our services in this area include:


  • Advice on Requirements and Investment Options: We provide guidance on the Golden Visa program requirements and the different investment options available to meet these requirements.


  • Management of the Golden Visa Application: We prepare and submit the Golden Visa application on behalf of our clients, ensuring that all requirements are met and the appropriate documentation is provided.


  • Advice on Property Acquisition for the Golden Visa: We accompany our clients in the search and acquisition of real estate properties that meet the investment requirements for the Golden Visa.


  • Advice on Renewal and Maintenance of the Golden Visa: We assist our clients in renewing and maintaining their Golden Visa, ensuring that they continue to meet the investment and residency requirements.


  • Assistance in Obtaining Residency Permits for Family Members: We advise our clients on obtaining residency permits for their family members under the Golden Visa program.