International Tax Consultancy


International Taxation deals with the taxation of individuals and businesses on an international scale, including income, wealth, and transaction taxes. At our law firm in Mallorca, we provide personalized and comprehensive international tax advice to our local and international clients. Our services in this area include:


  • International Tax Planning: We develop tax strategies to minimize the tax burden and comply with both local and international tax regulations.


  • Advice on Tax Residency and Double Taxation Agreements: We guide our clients in choosing their tax residency and in applying double taxation agreements to avoid duplicate taxation.


  • Advice on International Investment Taxation: We provide advice on the taxation of international investments, including tax planning and compliance with tax obligations in different jurisdictions.


  • Taxation of Non-Resident Workers and Expatriates: We advise non-resident workers and expatriates on their tax obligations in Spain and in their home countries.


  • Management of Tax Inspections and Litigation: We represent our clients in tax inspections and tax litigation at both the local and international levels.