Real Estate Law and Property Management Services


Real Estate Law is a branch of law that deals with the regulation and management of properties, including land, homes, commercial premises, and other real estate. Our law firm in Mallorca has highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in this area, offering our clients comprehensive and tailored legal advice to their specific needs. Some of the services we offer include:


  • Advice on Purchase and Lease: We accompany buyers and sellers at all stages of the process, negotiating terms, reviewing contracts, and resolving conflicts.


  • Drafting, Analysis, and Negotiation of Contracts: We handle drafting, reviewing, and negotiating real estate contracts to protect our clients' interests and comply with applicable regulations.


  • Dispute Resolution: We represent our clients in disputes related to real estate, such as conflicts between buyers and sellers or problems with neighbors.


  • Tax Advice: We offer guidance on tax matters related to real estate ownership, such as property taxes and capital gains.


  • Legal Representation in Judicial Proceedings: We defend our clients' interests in litigation related to Real Estate Law, such as evictions and conflicts over compliance, application, and/or interpretation of contracts.


  • Planning and Execution of Real Estate Projects: We advise developers and investors in planning and developing projects, including obtaining permits and negotiating contracts.