Whether you are purchasing a property, looking to remortgage, or expanding your investment portfolio, at Hoteland Brokerage we are ready to assist you.

Specializing in high-value real estate loans, we combine the expertise of our professionals and partnerships with leading financial institutions, offering you personalized advisory services, either face-to-face or remotely, tailored to your needs. This allows you to acquire your new property swiftly, comfortably, and under the best conditions.


Mortgage Market Study.

We offer you the mortgage that best suits your profile, your family's, and your lifestyle. Additionally, you can rely on our services whenever you need them, as we will be at your disposal at every financial stage.

Personalized Consultation.

At Hoteland Brokerage, we understand how frustrating it can be to deal with lending institutions or other large organizations. Here, you will have a personal consultant who will accompany you throughout the process, and you can stay informed at all times through our contact channels.

Fast and Efficient Management

We provide advice, estimates, and a preliminary version of your mortgage with no obligation. We will address your inquiry by phone or email, allowing you to start any procedure immediately. Once satisfied with the proposal, we will send you the documentation request and begin processing your mortgage loan.

High-Value Loans (HNWI)

At Hoteland Brokerage, we specialize in managing high-value mortgages (HNWI). We offer the best terms and a premium service tailored to your needs. Our knowledge and connections with leading financial institutions allow us to provide you with the most advantageous solutions when acquiring high-value assets.

Legal Department

We have a team of experts in real estate, contractual, and tax law, ensuring that all procedures are carried out with the utmost legal rigor. For more information, click on www.hoteland.es/legal.

Invest 360º

At Hoteland, we address all aspects of your real estate investment: market comparison, tax and legal analysis, and financing your investment with the utmost guarantees and the lowest possible interest.


We are top-tier local professionals. Our team is made up of financial advisors and mortgage consultants certified by the Bank of Spain, as well as economists and lawyers specialized in real estate, financial, and mortgage law. We offer you the best advice and comprehensive service in the purchase of your new home.

With our main headquarters in Mallorca, we have established relationships with the leading financial institutions in the international mortgage market, even those that are more difficult to access. This allows us to remain independent, work for you, and achieve the best conditions even for HNWI clients.

We work on your behalf and represent your interests, quickly and efficiently, allowing you to continue with your daily life while we take care of all the details. Our service is personalized and, although we use the latest technologies, we maintain the commitment to close service.

Fill out our online form with personal and financial information so we can better assist you with your mortgage application.

We leverage our relationships with the top Spanish and European banks to find the best mortgage options for you.

The bank assesses the risks (Scoring): The bank analyzes your repayment capacity and credit risk to determine if you qualify for the mortgage you wish to apply for.

We work with you to gather all the necessary documents for your mortgage application and submit them to the various banking entities with which we negotiate to ensure you get the best terms.

Once the most favorable mortgage has been chosen and your application approved, our legal team will assist you in reviewing and signing all the necessary documents to finalize your mortgage loan.


You're one step away from obtaining key information on how to optimize the purchase of your property in Spain with a mortgage. Schedule an appointment to find out how we can assist you. We are your mortgage agents.

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Hoteland Investment SL is regulated by the Bank of Spain and is included in the Register of Real Estate Credit Intermediaries of the Bank of Spain with registration number D797.

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